Sometimes a tune up is all you need, other times you need more.  During our file health analysis we can help determine which group you fall into.   

Whether you need to prepare for tax time, correct some problem areas or a complete revamp of your bookkeeping file, a Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor will help you clean up and organize your bookkeeping system. 

This service includes:

  • Analysis of transactions for the current or prior year
  • Identify set up issues and correct for better financial management
  • Clean up stray entries
  • Balance general ledger to subsidiary records
  • Address specific problem areas in your workflow and file
  • Flat fee

QuickBooks Training

Although QuickBooks is designed for the layman to understand, the initial setup and installation must be done correctly in order for future information to be accurate.

All information necessary to setup manual accounting records is also necessary to setup QuickBooks either using the desktop software or the Online version.  

This task is even more complicated if you switch from manual accounting operations to QuickBooks in the middle of the year. 

Our QB setup service takes your accounting data off the spreadsheet. 

QuickBooks Tune Up or Data File Clean Up

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QuickBooks Setup

Quick Data File Health Analysis

There are many QuickBooks training classes available.  However, we approach it differently.  Generic training in the basics is good, but personalized training using your business data leads to a deeper understanding for you.  

We offer one-to-one training sessions in person or remotely.  We help you understand the proper workflow to get the most accurate information to run your business.   Training can be purchased in 2 hour blocks of time.  

QuickBooks files can have multiple problems, including setup issues and workflow problems.  Yes it is easy to use but if it isn't set up correctly the numbers you are using to run your business may not be accurate.  

We provide a QuickBooks data file assessment to determine the health of your data file.   We will create a report for you that lets you know what's wrong and if we can fix it.  

$100/per file - Contact us for instructions on how to start this process.